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Graphics From concept to completion, Tradeshow Supermarket offers the highest quality in design, fabrication, products and graphics.

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So, whether we use your image files or apply our own creative talents Tradeshow Supermarket can help your company make a splash at your next Trade Show or Special Event.

Powerful, high impact graphic images and creative exhibit design can help you achieve your sales goals, while simultaneously enhancing your company's public perception. Let our award-winning full service consultants and designers put your ideas into reality. Our staff of consultants work hand-in-hand with you, targeting your specific needs. Our design staff can provide comprehensive computerized renderings and accurate cost estimates, along with suggesting the right blend of materials, fabrics, finishes and graphics intended to help build and maintain your company's image.

FTP file over 25MB should be compressed to save upload time.
Try StuffIt or WinZip.
Click Here for our Upload Site
Larger files may be sent on a ZIP disk, CD, or DVD via FedEx, UPS, or Airborne Express, Etc. to:

Graphics c/o
Tradeshow Supermarket
11345 Trade Center Drive, Ste 450
Sacramento, CA 95814

QUESTIONS ? Call 888-438-3944 for assistance.


Acceptable programs include:

* Adobe Illustrator
* Adobe Photoshop

If artwork is embedded into any file please send original art as well.


* use CMYK or call out PMS colors
DO NOT USE: RGB colors (you never know what color you'll get)

* Include crop marks or a hairline border to indicate where to trim.
* Include enlargement percentage.
* Images need to be saved at minimum 100 ppi at ACTUAL FULL size (200 ppi is best).

Files that contain unnecessary info take longer to upload, and can cause equipment to crash.

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Re-Touching and manipulation
Setting up digital files
Supported Programs
Page Layout
Color Matching
Scanned Images

Digital Image Manipulation of existing photographic images, retouching,
resizing, adding text, etc., creating images that remains true to the eye
even when blown up to mural sizes. Most jobs require an estimate based on
complexity of the image(s), image size and degree of manipulation required.
Just Ask!

Examples of digital image manipulation
Clipping Paths (required to isolate an image element from a background)
Image Montage(s) or Composites
Stretch, rotate or skew
Re-creation of backgrounds
Digital image manipulation

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Things to Remember...
1. Specify colors as Pantones
2. Send all imported files with job (scans, logos, etc.)
3. Send all fonts (printer and screen)
4. Send laser proof indicating sizes and cropping
5. Send only relevant files on a clean disk. Print out a directory of the disk.
6. Call if you have any questions or Just Ask!

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Tradeshow Supermarket can work in the following formats:
MAC platform preferred - PC files may require conversion. (Recommended*)
Adobe PhotoShop*
Adobe Illustrator*
Macromedia Freehand
Adobe PageMake

If the programs you use are not listed above, please save as follows:
Imaging Programs, save as RGB TIF files.
Vector Programs, save in native or raw format, not as EPS.

Adobe Photoshop*
Send native files. Photoshop has powerful filters for importing raster files. Text elements should be added in a layout program if unpixelized text is required. Save as Photoshop, or TIFF. Leave at input resolution, do not interpolate up to output resolution. Because of our high resolution output, excessive un-sharp masking will cause an undesirable image fringe or "halo" effect. Send a laser print of each page to output.

Other Raster files
Save as TIF or EPS
Use an CMYK color scheme.
Do not interpolate up to output resolution.
Text elements should be added in a layout program if unpixelized text is required.
Send a laser print of each page to output.

Adobe Illustrator*
Send native files. Colors should be specified in Pantones. Do not embed raster images in Illustrator, otherwise we will not be able to tune each raster to our output. Instead, link them in the document and send all rasters used as separate files. If you have not saved all text as curves or outlines send all printer and screen fonts used, but be aware that if you do this, we may not be able to edit the text for you later. Send a laser print of each page to output.

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Documents should be proportional to the final print you desire. The document should also have at least 1/4" bleed all around.

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Our high quality images are created by photographic emulsions. The "color space" we use is entirely different from Pantone tints, as are 4-color process, or silk screen printing. Therefore we can approximate your colors to the best of our abilities, however, be aware that it may not be possible to obtain an exact match.

Raster Color
Photoshop files or other raster images may have been set up for a specific output, and may produce altered color in our outputs. Provide us with a color match print if provided scans need to match another output. If your color images need specific colors, please provide us these images in their original "layered" format.

Vector Color
Vector colors should be specified with Pantone numbers (PMS Coated) and must follow proper naming protocol for our color management to work. This is true for all imported vector files (Illustrator, Freehand, etc.) as well. The CMYK/RGB values should not be altered in these PMS colors or unwanted colors will result. Provide samples of the colors to match whenever possible.

Metallics and Fluorescents
Metallics and fluorescent "colors" rely on reflective or chemical qualities. These "qualities" while optical, can now be duplicated photographically when printed on our metallic substrates.

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You may provide us with the scans to be used in your output, however, we cannot guarantee that you will be delivered the same quality as we can when we scan the images for you. If you do choose to provide the scans, please note the following:

Size of the Scans/Images
There are 4 factors that influence the size of a raster image; the image dimensions, the color space, the type of file used, and the resolution.
Image dimensions are the height and width of the image in measurement units.
Resolution is the number of pixels per unit measurement (DPI, PPI, PPM, etc.)
Color Space and the Type of File is how the image is expressed digitally ie: RGB or CMYK, TIFF, EPS, or SCITEX CT. For instance, an RGB TIFF image of 8"x10" at 300DPI will be 2400 pixels wide by 3000 high, or roughly 21.6 megabytes. The same image at 4"x5" at 600 DPI is exactly the same resolution and file size. The size of the scan used depends on the final size of the desired image, the size of the display, the capabilities of your system, the use of the scans in other outputs, and other factors. We recommend you contact a customer service representative for more information. If you are producing a large mural display, you will need a large scan (ie: larger than 80MB).

Unsharp Masking
If your images have been used in a 4-color printing process, they may have been excessively unsharp-masked. This image processing effect works well to sharpen images in 4-color process printing, but usually produces an undesirable effect in our high resolution output. The images appear "haloed"
particularly around areas of high contrast "edges" causing unrealistic looking images.

Most images, whether when scanned, during processing, or handling after processing have small imperfections caused by dust, surface abrasions or drum mounting methods. Make sure that all provided scans are spotted prior to being used in our outputs. In order to ensure quality, our scans will all be spotted (the minor imperfections will be removed) prior to use in any output method.

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